No way I can be present in every store. But with Instore Excellence, I can!

How do you ensure the same standard and high quality in nearly one thousand stores in 30 different countries? For Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the answer is a notoriously defined concept, and the app that allows you to be everywhere. 

Lars Casper is Store Operations Manager for Flying Tiger Copenhagen. This means he is the person who makes sure the standard is held across the globe. 

“The headquarter in Denmark set the standard for each store to follow. They decide on products, concepts and the interior design. Each country then needs to execute, which means they adjust the store after these guidelines. My job is to make sure they do it right and do it smartly.” 

For a store operation manager, this means being in contact with each District Manager, and headquarter of each country, to assure that everything runs smoothly in each store.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen uses Instore Excellence to ease communication, and as an issue and task management tool for each store. 

“This frees up a lot of administration time for the District Manager. Previously they had to sit down after each store visit and write a report for the headquarter. Now they do it on the fly. They use the app in the store, take pictures, follow the build-in checklist and before they leave the store, they’ve sent the report to HQ” 

When Instore Excellence first met Lars Casper, we were still a start-up company. A small business with an idea to carry out. For Lars Casper one thing made the sale: 

“Instore Excellence had a new approach on how to use pictures to communicate and report on each store. In my position back then in Sweden, I had only 50 stores to check up on, but it was impossible to get around quickly enough. 

I needed something that would allow me to follow up each day, in a smart and efficient way. When I saw what Instore Excellence could do, I was sold. 

The pictures and how the system was set up made everything easier.”

Today the system has scaled, and with valuable feedback from Flying Tiger and our other clients, become a user-friendly and easy to implement system: 

  • Store Audit allows each district manager to follow up on new concepts  
  • Campaign reporting allow the store manager to easily report implemented new campaigns
  • Health & Safety check gives an easy systematic check up on store safety
  • Issue Management handles the communication between the store and HQ regarding problems/issues the stores are not able to fix themselves
  • Task Management, saves time on the ongoing workflow by eliminating the need for phone calls, e-mails, post-its or calendars

“My preferred function is how it can be an alternative to Mystery Shopping. The app allows the district managers to visit each store and check upon them. We have used this last year on new campaigns and it has been such an easy way to follow up on the implementation and give feedback.” 

What you get is an action plan for each store on how to get better and better. It’s a communication tool to remember what was said to each store and to check up on tasks and new campaigns. 

“Overall, it saves me a lot of time. And for the entire corporation it saves us a lot of money. We don’t need to buy expensive hardware. With Instore Excellence we just need a phone. In this way, Instore Excellence helps improve the entire Tiger concept, so I will certainly recommend it. “

Thank you to Lars Casper and Flying Tiger Copenhagen