Evolve from paper to digital solutions

Have you ever considered the advantages of moving your work procedures online? Not only does it free you from piles of paper and the inconvenience of moving it from one hand to another (or worse having to type in information from paper to a report) it optimizes your workflow.

How exactly? By becoming aware of your procedures, a lot of it can be integrated and automated. How many of the things you do, during an average work week is repetition? Do you have a hard time accumulating collected data? Do you avoid collecting data because it’s hard accumulating them?

By digitalizing, those procedures can be optimized to simple “click actions”. Our system collects the data you feed it and shape it for you.

  • Reports, done in a few clicks. 
  • To do lists, done for you. 
  • Check lists, always at hand
  • Images collected, archived, “tagged” and easy to find again
  • Any data you want is collected, accumulated and served to you in a nice overview

Imagine the time saved. Well, actually you don’t have to imagine. Check out our client’s recommendations from Flying Tiger Copenhagen or try it for yourself. We let you test our system, completely free of charge. If you like it, we tailor it to your company – contact us.

So, what would it look like – a digitalization of work procedures? 

Imagine store audits, where you will get the complete overview of each store to check if each one is living up to the “Concept”. See the new procedures integrated and get the data of each store to understand where help is needed. 

  • Imagine check lists for cleaning
  • Imagine evaluation protocols
  • Imagine compliance checks
  • Imagine self monitoring
  • Imagine Loss prevention and Safety checks

Everything conveniently at your hands on your device, no paper!

Not only does digitalization save the planet by eliminating paper waste, it gives you quick edits like never before. It allows immediately response on changes or updates. It gives you perfect automation that saves time and, in the end, money.

Let Instore Excellence help you move into the future, one click at a time.