Why digitize your workflow?

There is something comforting about paper documents. The idea that because it exists in the physical world makes it more real in a sense. Even if we understand that digital is just as real, with great impact on our everyday life. 

However digital technologies have the ability to change a business model radically and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. By digitizing your workflow, you will gain a competitive advantage as it will allow you do things better, faster, and more cost effective than your competition.  

Getting on board with our digitalization
So what stops people applying principles of digitalization to every aspect of their business? We wonder the same thing; however, we understand the objectives. The worry being that by moving everything online, won’t be as efficient or as quick and easy as the usual procedures. Getting used to a new interface can even be a fear factor for some, preventing them from growing. 

Which is exactly why our onboarding procedure is most important to our product. We join you, and your work procedures and set it up in Instore Excellence, ready to use. Your Checklist, report or procedures digitized in one place. 

What is digitalized then?
Our application allows instant implementation of your work procedure, with the power to adjust on the go. Instore Excellence quickly creates automatic to do lists, according to your responses, and send reminders to the users on what needs to be done. You can schedule responses, and easily get an overview on how each task is solved. Reports and statuses are created with just a few clicks and sent to the respondents of your choice. 

Add references, guidelines and procedures to each To Do list and make it easy for any employee to adjust to new procedures or optimize their workflow. You can even add tutorial videos to make the transition and compliance better. 

Want to try it out?
We want you to experience and explore the possibilities on your own. So, before you buy anything, let us set you up with a full functioning demo. You’ll quickly get a sense of the interface and how easy it is to integrate your everyday procedures. You will also discover how Instore Excellence will suggest quick fixes and ways to optimize current procedures. 

Let me try a demo