What a successful chain of Fitness Clubs does better!

A case story

What can be the winning argument for you to choose one Fitness Club over another? 

  • A great price? 
  • New machines?

Statistics show that cleanliness is one of the most important factors if you stay put in one Club or leave to go elsewhere. 

The Fitness Club knows this, although most companies would focus on revenue for each location, it’s important to measure performance from the customers point-of-view. A great customer experience leads to a higher level of satisfaction, more visits, increased added sales (nutrition products etc.) and in the end a longer lasting relation.

“Cleanliness is not just a matter of having a comfortable environment for the clients. It’s a standard of which you should be measured. It shows the client that you have your procedures in order. 

  • It makes people trust you.
  • It makes clients stay loyal to their Club
  • And in the end, this means steady and increased income for each Club”

Let’s go back in time – an Instore Excellence employee is at his local Gym, just finishing a workout as he notices the Regional Manager conducting an inspection walk in the gym, to check the standards. In his hand he has a clipboard with a check list. He goes around, at what seems random, and after his check up, he gives a suggestion to turn down the music a notch. 

Instore Excellence is an app that easily digitizes checklists and gives hands on data. So, a few days later, the Fitness Club HQ is contacted with the offer to have a presentation of Instore Excellence and how they could improve the routines in each Club visit. 

The timing couldn’t have been better and when the CEO was reading the message, he immediately replies; “Let’s have a meeting”. If Instore Excellence can optimize the procedure for each Gym, it could mean the quality assurance they had been looking for to keep the high standard across the chain.

“Instore Excellence provides us with a new level of transparency and squeezes the famous last 10% out of our basic operation. The tool enables us to work more efficiently, since attention is drawn to problem areas almost automatically. Instore Excellence is truly the missing link within operating a successful chain of Fitness Clubs”