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Use streamlined surveys, photo management, and data overview to empower your Field Sales Team. Regain full visibility in your company and increase sales.

Representation & Sales

Make Your Job Easier

The representation of your brand is everything if you want to keep sales high. But it can be difficult to manage a remote sales team. 

It can be an inside-based team who works out of an office or a field-based team that primarily works remotely. Regardless, if you want to ensure success, you need 1) streamlined channels of communication, 2) high employee motivation, and 3) super clear goals and tasks. 

That’s why having the right team task management tools can make all the difference. Especially if you are in or manage a primarily field-based team, a good system can maximize success and efficiency.

Team task management app

Empower Your Team with the Right Tool

Team task management isn’t about micromanaging. The right tool will complement your role – or the role your employees need to fulfill.

Yes, management will regain the complete overview of what’s happening in the company and each store. But it will also provide the Field Sales Team with surveys that let them streamline their fieldwork. Digitization will make their job so much easier because they only need their phone to do store audits.

No more going back to the office to finish a pile of paperwork. You can upload photos directly into the app and after a store visit, a report is auto-generated and sent to all relevant people. 

Also, communication is gathered in one place. Tasks can be set up directly in the system and automatically sent to the responsible employee or manager. This makes feedback and follow-ups super easy.

All the data you need is always right at hand – for communication with the stores, keeping track of store visits, employee training, or internal benchmarking.

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How We Help Field Sales Teams


“I wish I had the system 20 years ago – it saves me so much time!”

“Every time I show the app to new consultants and partners, they always say; ‘damn, can it be that simple and uncomplicated?!'”

Jens Wöldike Jensen, External Consultant

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“You get an insight into your distribution that you otherwise don’t have access to. We can always go back in the system and look up specific data – for example, see when a store was last visited and exactly what it looked like.”

Jens Wöldike Jensen, External Consultant

Read the case study.

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It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require the installation of any software. All you need is our team task management app.

Sören Hinz, Walbusch Filialen, says: “The process is very easy and very fast! Now we have everything we need – combined in one tool.”