When your company conducts internal audits and inspections, use data, reports, and digitized workflows to experience higher efficiency and targeted efforts.

Internal audits & inspections

Make it Easier to Manage Large Stores

If your company is a chain of supermarkets, grocery stores, or retail stores, you probably have a lot of internal audits and inspections.

The first movers in your industry have already evolved from using Excel when doing store audits. They’re now thriving with modern team task management. 

With the right system, you can structure workflows, streamline surveys and use real-time data to improve your business across departments and teams.

Team task management app

Data, Reports & the Full Overview

With our team task management app, data mining gets easy. Instead of spending valuable time going through an endless line of Excel sheets, you can access the data you need in 6 seconds. 

Receive the reports your company needs – e.g., a weekly report from all stores, a report on what’s happening nationally, and a report for internal benchmarking. 

The data from the reports are collected in the system, analyzed, and transformed into statistics from which Managers and management can identify challenges and areas of action.

The amount of data and the automation will give you a complete overview of all stores. In real-time, you can compare, e.g., specific questions with specific chains. Thus, you can see where it’s going well and where it’s not. 

This will make your work significantly more efficient, and you’ll save both time and money. But don’t take our word for it – check out the case studies below.

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How We Help Supermarkets

Coop Danmark

“It’s a significant upgrade in the efficiency of my workflow! It makes my work much easier because I know exactly what I must follow up on.”

Flemming Lindblad, Teamchef

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Coop Danmark

“Now I can extract data on any store in real-time, and compare e.g. specific questions with specific chains. I can therefore go in and see where it’s going well and where it isn’t – and also see if it’s a national or local problem.”

Henrik Buch Nielsen, Store Consultant

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It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require the installation of any software. All you need is our team task management app.

Sören Hinz, Walbusch Filialen, says: “The process is very easy and very fast! Now we have everything we need – combined in one tool.”