Team Task
Management App

The Instore Excellence team task management app makes it easy for multi-unit companies to execute standards and programs efficiently at every site.

We help you digitize work procedures by giving you easy-to-manage task flows, audit forms, surveys, checklists, photo management, reports, data, and a complete overview of the statistics.

Now you can regain visibility within all company links, communicate clear guidelines to all teams, drive performance, and hold sites accountable. 

You’ll have higher standards. You’ll save time and money.
No bullsh** – just results.

App for web & mobile devices

What You Need to Manage Your Teams

Manage & Uplevel Quality

Challenge example:
Clean stores that are living up to brand standards. 

Tasks, checklists, feedback, photos, and corrective actions.

The Instore Excellence app allows you to communicate clear guidelines regarding cleaning, brand standards, KPIs, exterior, procedures, stock, sales, etc.

Assign tasks and checklists directly to your team – and receive instant feedback containing photos, answers, observations, and comments.

You can hold sites accountable and assign corrective actions in real time.

Analyse & Reduce Risks

Challenge example:
Identifying risks before they become liabilities. 

Customized reports.

You’ll get customized reports based on real-time data from all sites. This gives you total visibility within all links of the company.

You can identify repeating issues, negative trends, best and worst, and root causes. This will make you even better at your job.

The data will allow you to make informed decisions and be proactive – not reactive.

Boost Productivity

Challenge example:
A streamlined communication flow without bottlenecks. 

Direct communication channel in real-time.

Our app mirrors the structure of your company. From location to division to headquarters. From employees to managers to top management. 

This allows a better communication flow in the company. Time is saved as procedures and compliance can be optimized through direct communication and visual responses.

This helps everyone work smarter and more efficiently.

Collect & Use Data

Challenge example:
Having all data in the same system – not spread across different departments, teams, etc.

One system that collects all data.

When you have multiple stores or locations, valuable data can get lost if you operate in different systems.

By collecting all data within one system, this will no longer be an issue. It also prevents data loss and knowledge loss if an employee resigns. The onboarding of new employees is also much more agile due to databases and ready-to-use systems.

Furthermore, you can collect and sort large data sets making it possible to identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems through data analysis.

Better known as “Data Mining”.

Team Task Management

Watch It In Action

Save time & money

An Easy Tool Customized for Your Needs

The Instore Excellence team task management app is built for multi-unit companies, concept-driven companies, and franchise operations. Our mission is to make your job as easy as possible. We do that by making the complicated simple and customizing the app for your needs.  

By digitizing work procedures, we can give you easy to easy-to-manage task flows, audit and compliance forms, surveys, checklists, photo management, reports, data, and a complete overview of the statistics. This helps you, your team, and your company reach goals on time and at every site.

All of this is done with our fast and intuitive app and web application. It’s available for iOS and Android, enabling you to work from anywhere on any device.

The result? Time and money are saved. Liabilities and stress factors are eliminated. Performance skyrocket.

"Instore Excellence helps improve the Flying Tiger Copenhagen concept, increase store standards, and generate additional sales."

Lars Casper – Operations Manager – Flying Tiger Copenhagen

"The system helps us to locate challenges and prioritize where we use our resources best. I recommend Instore Excellence to anyone who is in a similar position as me."

Flemming Lindblad – Team Manager – Coop Danmark

"Digitization has made my job considerably easier! The most crucial result is the amount of time we save. It means that we can do approx. 20 more certifications on an annual basis."

Allan Nørgaard – Quality Coordinator – Aktieselskabet CARL CHRISTENSEN

"The Instore Excellence app saves me so much time! I can communicate specific guidelines to all my teams at the same time. And I get instant feedback if a task isn’t done or if a store needs assistance."

Jordi Carrera – Retail Off Manager – Cash Converters

Steen Albrechtslund – CEO – Fitness World

“Instore Excellence provides us with a new level of transparency and squeezes the famous last 10% out of our basic operation. The tool enables us to work more efficiently since attention is drawn to problem areas almost automatically. Instore Excellence is truly the missing link within operating a Fitness Club chain.”

Jens Wöldike Jensen – Former Head of Sales – STATE OF WOW

“I wish I had the system 20 years ago – it saves me so much time! I had never experienced a perfect solution until I discovered Instore Excellence. Every time I show the app to new consultants and partners, they always say; ‘damn, can it really be that simple and uncomplicated?!'”

Laurent Bouchard – Managing Director – Micromania-Zing

“Following a short test period, Instore Excellence is a natural part of our retail operation. We use Instore Excellence for store audits and campaign follow-up. The app is intuitive and easy to implement. We are gaining much new knowledge about our operation and ‘facts-to-react-on’ using Instore Excellence.”

Integration & Onboarding

As Easy as Building LEGOs

In collaboration with you, we tailor our app to mirror the structure and needs of your company. From location to division to headquarters. From employees to managers to top management.

You tell us what you need; we make it happen. The integration of the Instore Excellence team task management app doesn’t require the installation of any software. All you need to do is have your team download the app, log in, and then you are up and running. This makes integration and onboarding very easy and very fast. 

The app comes in 10 languages, adapts to iOS and Android, and can be found in any App Store.


Choose A Pricing Model That Works For You


Rest assured, the price is a fraction of what you will save within the first two months! And it isn’t anywhere near the mind wrecking cost of your typical ERP solution.

We have a lot of different customers with different needs. This also means we have a flexible approach to pricing models. Talk to us, and we will find the best solution for your company.

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It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require the installation of any software. All you need is our team task management app.

Sören Hinz, Walbusch Filialen, says: “The process is very easy and very fast! Now we have everything we need – combined in one tool.”