Save Time and Money with Easy Team Task Management

Instore Excellence helps multi-unit companies execute standards and programs efficiently at every site. We digitize your work procedures and give you easy to manage to-do lists, task flows, checklists, photo management, audit / compliance forms and a complete overview of the statistics.

Team Task Management

All You Need to Manage Your Operations

Manage & Uplevel Quality

Use tasks, checklists, photos, feedback and corrective actions to manage guidelines regarding cleaning, exterior, brand standards, procedures, stock, sales, KPI’s, etc.

Boost Productivity

Save time and work more efficiently as your procedures and compliance is optimized through digital responses and direct communication without bottlenecks.

Analyse & Reduce Risks

Get real-time reports from all sites and be able to identify repeating issues, negative trends, best and worst and root causes – before they become liabilities.

Collect & Use Data

Use one system to collect and sort large data sets making it possible to identify patterns that can help solve business problems through data analysis. Better known as “Data Mining”.

Customized App

Optimize Your Workflow With Just One Tool

How do you assure the same experience for all your guests or clients? By optimizing your workflow and evolving from Excel, paper-based systems and fragmented communication funnels to simple, digital and efficient team task management.

We help you streamline and digitize work procedures making it possible to regain visibility within all links of the company, communicate clear guidelines to all teams and hold sites accountable.

All of this is easily accessed through the Instore Excellence app where solutions and features are customized for the specific structure and needs of your company. The result is also simple, yet significant; you save time, resources and detours.

Integration & Onboarding

As Easy as Building LEGOs

In collaboration with you, we tailor our app to mirror the structure and needs of your company. From location to division to headquarters. From employees to managers to top management.

You tell us what you need, we make it happen. The integration of the Instore Excellence application doesn’t require installation of any software. All you need to do is have your team download the app, log in and then you are up and running. This makes integration and onboarding very easy and very fast. 

The app comes in 10 languages, adapts to iOS and Android and can be found in any App Store.

“Without the Instore Excellence application, I would be less efficient. It saves me both time and money because I know what’s going on in each of my stores while being at the headquarters.”

Anthony Barbaize – Merchandising Coordinator – Micromania-Zing

"The support is great, and the application is the best for our specific needs. It makes it possible for us to have everything we need – combined in one tool.”

Sören Hinz – Branch Sales Manager – Walbusch Filialen

"It's a significant upgrade in the efficiency of my workflow! It makes my work much easier because I know exactly what I have to follow up on.”

Flemming Lindblad – Teamchef – Coop Danmark


“I have been in different companies that work with distribution, and I have never experienced a really good solution until I discovered Instore Excellence. It just works! It’s a simple but logical solution.”

Jens Wöldike Jensen – Consultant – STATE OF WOW


“The Instore Excellence app saves me so much time! I can communicate specific guidelines to all my teams at the same time. It’s everything from KPI’s and the exterior of the stores to procedures regarding purchase, stock and sales.”

Jordi Carrera – Retail Off Manager – Cash Converters


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It’s so much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require installation of any software – all you need is our app. Sören Hinz, Branch Sales Manager at Walbusch Filialen, says:

“The process is very easy and very fast! I just sent an email to Morten, and we arranged a meeting to discuss our case. After that, it just took one call to the IT department, and everything was up and running shortly after. The support is great, and the app is the best for our specific needs. It makes it possible for us to have everything we need – combined in one tool.”