Store & Location Audit

Do you need good store / location / site / retail audits or inspections? We make sure you can execute your standards, programs and inspections efficiently at every site.

From good to excellent

Audits that Elevates Your Standards

The Instore Excellence app enables e.g. Retailers, Multiple-Unit Companies and Field Sales Teams to easily set up checklists and other tools your company need to have a systematic enforcement of standards.

The checklists can contain questions, observations, photo uploads, comment fields, to do’s (manual or automatic) and even have guidelines and / or reference manuals. A perfect tool to gain a higher compliance level.

In other word, we help elevate your business and make it go from good to excellent.


What You Can Do With
Store & Location Audits

Elevate Standards

We help you create attractive environments in all of your stores or locations. This keeps customers happy and members loyal.

Increase Profitability

Attractive stores and locations sell more products.

Save Time

Our studies show that a District Manager can save up to 2 hours per store visit when using the app. No need to produce manual reports after each visit. Instead enjoy easy preparation before and minimal work after your visit – everything is already documented and handled directly in the app.

Streamline Field Work

By using the app for store or location audits, you make sure all members of your team are working on the same platform – and therefore are following the same procedures. Guidelines and concept manuals can be added, thus ensuring that all important aspects of your business are taken care of.

Focus Your Communication

Pinpoint areas that need attention to only the responsible person and avoid unnecessary mass communication.

Keep Track on Development

With the app you are able to monitor the development of each store or location continuously. This allows you to base future decisions on facts and not gut feelings. And your data is always safe with us.


The Features You Need

Customized Forms

Create exactly the forms you need in order to ensure high standards and high performance. If you don’t know how to create excellent forms then don’t worry – we’re experts!

Do you operate in different countries? No problem, all forms can be done in the languages you need, and the app will take care of the rest. 

Checklists & Surveys

A core feature for all who have large teams and standards to uphold. Customized surveys and checklists will keep both standards and performance high.

Photo Management

Never again struggle with uploading, staring and storing photos. All photo management you need is available through the app. Attach photos to audits, tasks and corrective actions. Fast and easy.

Illustrate Standards

Streamline the representation of your brand by providing all teams and employees with best practices – making sure everyone is on the same page. Use checklists, surveys, photos, documents or whatever works best in your company.

Corrective Action

Use this feature to assign corrective action. It can be set up to automatically notify if an error is recurring – including due dates and illustrations. Or the notification can be done manually in real-time.

Custom Reports that Reduces Risks

Get real-time reports from all sites and be able to identify repeating issues, best and worst, negative trends and root causes – before they become liabilities.

Easy Follow-Up

Through the app, you can communicate directly with your team – and they can reach you just as easily. You are able to comment directly on inspections, tasks and corrective actions which makes follow-ups very simple. Set up automated notifications if you wish to be alerted on certain areas.

Track Development Real-Time

With just one click, managers and management can access all the data they wish. Developments, results, location specific data, KPI status – you name it. Easily export the data if needed.

Easy Access & Implementation

The app is Cloud based. It works on all devices – both online and offline. This also makes implementation of the system very easy.

Clean & Professional User Interface

We keep things simple in order to make your everyday job more easy and effective.

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What Others Are Saying

Flying Tiger

“Overall, it saves me a lot of time. And for the entire corporation it saves us a lot of money. We don’t need to buy expensive hardware. With Instore Excellence we just need a phone.“

Lars Casper, Store Operations Manager

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Walbusch Filialen

“Now we can access all data with just one click. We track, document and analyze the KPI progress, and ensure we take the right action to reach our goals. It’s a direct way for headquarters to implement tasks and requirements.”

Sören Hinz, Branch Sales Manager

Read Case Study.

Coop Danmark

“It’s a significant upgrade in the efficiency of my workflow! It makes my work much easier, because I know exactly what I have to follow up on.”

Flemming Lindblad, Teamchef

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It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require installation of any software – all you need is our app. Sören Hinz, Branch Sales Manager at Walbusch Filialen, says:

“The process is very easy and very fast! I just sent an email to Morten, and we arranged a meeting to discuss our case. After that, it just took one call to the IT department, and everything was up and running shortly after. The support is great, and the application is the best for our specific needs. It makes it possible for us to have everything we need – combined in one tool.”