Task Management

Send specific tasks to your team – one or hundred recipients in seconds. Verify with checklists, photos and comments. Track in real-time.

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Task Management Makes Your Job Easy

Task Management is made easy through the Instore Excellence app. When customized, it provides you with an intelligent flow of tasks throughout the entire company.

This ensures that only relevant people are notified when a task is delegated, and you can communicate directly through checklists, comments and pictures.


What You Can Do With
Task Management

Drive Standards

Instantly send standards to all team members so everyone is on the same page.

Task Flows that Ensure Success

Execute your way to success with intelligent task flows that support both your work, the work of your employees and the goals of the company.

Regain Visibility

With a digitized tool you are able to regain visibility within all links of your company. This allows you to follow how standards and programs are executed in real-time and take direct action if needed. 

Plan Ahead

Stores can view upcoming tasks and begin required preparations. Headquarters can set up future tasks and deadlines. The system will automatically activate, inform and de-active again.


The Features You Need

Delegate Tasks

Delegate single or multiple tasks – to one or hundred recipients. Use it to complete checklists or to do’s.

If an issue arises, the system can also be set up to automatically delegate a specific task to the person in charge. E.g. if something is broken and needs to be fixed.

Add Instructions

Add short text or upload a document brief for the more complex tasks.

Checklists & Surveys

A core feature for all who have large teams and standards to uphold. Customized surveys and checklists will keep both standards and performance high.

Photo Management

Never again struggle with uploading, staring and storing photos. All photo management you need is available through the app. Attach photos to audits, tasks and corrective actions. Fast and easy.

Pinpoint Communication

Pinpoint a task to individual stores, locations or groups. Or customize tasks to sets of stores, locations or groups.

Know When a Task is Done

Let anyone in the store or team confirm a “Job Done” via smartphone or similar device. Easy and fast.

Two-Way Communication

Unlike Intranet and similar forms of mass communication, tasks carried out in the app are targeted and visualized for fast and easy central follow-up.

Recurring Events

Headquarters can create checklists to “Copy & Deploy” for recurring events.

Easy Access & Implementation

The app is Cloud based. It works on all devices – both online and offline. This also makes implementation of the system very easy.

Clean & Professional User Interface

We keep things simple in order to make your everyday job more easy and effective.

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What Others Are Saying

Flying Tiger

“Instore Excellence helps improve the Tiger concept, increase store standards and therefore generate additional sales”.

Lars Casper, Store Operations Manager

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Fitness World

“Instore Excellence provides us with a new level of transparency and squeezes the famous last 10% out of our basic operation.”

Steen Albrechtslunds, CEO 

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“Instore Excellence saves me both time and money because I know what’s going on in each of my stores while being at the headquarters.”

Anthony Barbaize, Merchandising Coordinator

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It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require installation of any software – all you need is our app. Sören Hinz, Branch Sales Manager at Walbusch Filialen, says:

“The process is very easy and very fast! I just sent an email to Morten, and we arranged a meeting to discuss our case. After that, it just took one call to the IT department, and everything was up and running shortly after. The support is great, and the application is the best for our specific needs. It makes it possible for us to have everything we need – combined in one tool.”