Solutions & Features

Our app is customizable to the needs of your company. Therefore, we offer various solutions and features within the app.

Customized Features

Choose the Features You Need. Can’t Find It? We Make It For You.


Easy Access & Implementation
The app is Cloud based. It works on all devices – both online and offline. This also makes implementation of the system very easy.


Corrective Action
Use this feature to assign corrective action. It can be set up to automatically notify if an error is recurring – including due dates and illustrations. Or the notification can be done manually in real time.


Digitize Campaigns & Save Time
Set up campaigns for all year, and the system will handle the rest. You can always edit when needed.


High-Quality Follow-Ups

The app collects and stores all data from your previous inspections and certifications. You can easily access new and old data when you revisit a location or store.

Now you have a much more excellent overview – right at hand. This heightens the quality of your follow-ups with customers and saves you time.


Customized Checklists
This is a core feature for all with large teams and standards to uphold. Customized checklists will keep both standards and performance high.


Pinpoint Communication
Pinpoint a task to individual stores, locations, or groups. Or customize tasks to sets of stores, locations, or groups.


Two-Way Communication
Unlike Intranet and similar forms of mass communication, tasks carried out in the app are targeted and visualized for fast and easy central follow-up.


Full Customization
We customize the app, making solutions and features fully streamlined for your company’s specific structure and needs.

You decide what you need in the app – e.g. checklists, surveys, photo management, comments, guides, and custom reports. All data gets collected and safely stored in the app. Always real-time.

Data & Data Mining

Collect & Use Data

All your data gets collected safely in the app. Always real-time. 

The app can collect and sort large data sets to identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems through data analysis. Better known as “Data Mining”.

You can also use the app for different data collection purposes – such as best practice collection, general feedback on A-Z, employee knowledge, benchmarking, etc.


Simple & Effective E-Trainings
Our e-training module is not a complicated “academy/e-learning” system, but a simple and fast way to train employees. Read more about e-training in the app here.


Recurring Events
Headquarters can create checklists to “Copy & Deploy” for recurring events.


Customized Forms
Create the forms you need to ensure high standards and high performance. If you don’t know how to create excellent forms, don’t worry – we’re experts!


Easy Follow-Up
You can communicate directly with your team through the app – and they can reach you just as easily. The intuitive interface lets you comment directly on inspections, tasks, and corrective actions.

This makes follow-ups very simple. Set up automated notifications if you wish to be alerted if e.g., an issue arises.

Health & Safety

Internal Task Force Audits
Have the tools to ensure your company is updated on knowledge, procedures, equipment, and precautions.

Use guideline compliance checks to make sure all your stores are in sync with internal guidelines and guidelines from public authorities.


Add Instructions
Add short text or upload a document brief for the more complex tasks.


Clean & Professional User Interface
We keep things simple to make your everyday job easier and more effective.


Customize to Multi-Lingual
Do you operate in different countries? No problem; everything in the app can be done in the languages you need. Depending on the country you are resided in, the app will adjust as you log in.


Reduce Errors
In many cases, a loss can be prevented by reducing the risk of administrative or paperwork errors. Use tasks, checklists, surveys, photo management, illustrated standards, and corrective actions to minimize errors.

Get real-time reports from all sites and be able to identify and fix issues related to loss prevention before they become liabilities or affect your bottom line.

Photo & Picture

Photo Management
Never again struggle with uploading, staring, and storing photos. All photo management you need is available through the app. Attach photos to audits, tasks, and corrective actions. Fast and easy.


Custom Reports that Reduce Risks
Get real-time reports from all sites and identify repeating issues, best and worst, negative trends, and root causes – before they become liabilities.

Rules & Regulations

Keep Up With Rules
Ensure your company is updated on and following written and unwritten industry rules. Also, make sure new rules are quickly incorporated across your company – such as GDPR regulations.


Illustrate Standards
Streamline the representation of your brand by providing all teams and employees with best practices – ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Use checklists, surveys, photos, documents, or whatever works best for your company.


World Class Support
We’re very professional and very flexible. Since we’re a small team, we’re extraordinarily agile regarding customer service – whether it’s your general or urgent needs.


Customized Surveys
This is a core feature for all with large teams and standards to uphold. Customized surveys will keep both standards and performance high.


Delegate Tasks
Delegate single or multiple tasks – to one or hundred recipients. Use it to complete checklists or to-dos. Add short text or upload a document brief for the more complex tasks.

If an issue arises, the system can also automatically delegate a specific task to the person in charge. E.g., if something is broken and needs to be fixed.

Task Notification

Know When a Task is Done
Let anyone in the store or team confirm a “Job Done” via a smartphone or similar device. Easy and fast.


Track Development Real-Time
Managers and management can access all their desired data with just one click. Developments, results, location-specific data, KPI status – you name it. Easily export the data if needed.

FREE Trial

It’s much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require the installation of any software. All you need is our team task management app.

Sören Hinz, Walbusch Filialen, says: “The process is very easy and very fast! Now we have everything we need – combined in one tool.”