About Us

We Make Team Task Management Easy

Instore Excellence are made for multi-unit companies. Our mission is to make your job as easy as possible. We do that by making the complicated simple. No bullsh** – just results.

Manage & Uplevel Quality

Use tasks, checklists, photos, feedback and corrective actions to manage guidelines regarding cleaning, exterior, brand standards, procedures, stock, sales, KPI’s, etc.

Boost Productivity

Save time and work more efficiently as your procedures and compliance is optimized through digital responses and direct communication without bottlenecks.

Analyse & Reduce Risks

Get real-time reports from all sites and be able to identify repeating issues, negative trends, best and worst and root causes – before they become liabilities.

Collect & Use Data

Have all your data in the same system and prevent the loss of valuable knowledge – e.g. if an employee resigns. Also, make onboarding of new employees much more agile.

Happy Customers

Helping Multi-Unit Companies

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Love to Make Things Easier 

Our team consists of visionary tech geeks. However, we have a very practical-oriented approach to digital solutions and a strong focus on optimization. We enjoy optimizing daily tasks and free up time in your company by creating better work procedures through digital solutions. In short, we are driven by making things easier. 

With foundation in this drive and over 20 years of experience, we provide the ability to have a unique vision for one store, concept or franchise – and then be able to create multiple copies. In this way, customers will have the same experience in every store. For this to happen you need a greater overview, optimized workflows and clear channels of communications where you are able to check up on tasks, standard, etc. That is exactly what our app gives you in a simple and efficient way.

When you use the app optimally, you will have a bundle of structured data. Now you have a solid foundation from which to make informed decisions, take smart action and create business strategies based on real data. In short:

We help you get strong in the places where you are weak, 
become great in places where you’re good, 
and shine a light on the stuff you need to take a look at.


Meet The Team

Morten Munch-Andersen

Head of System Development

Morten is your tech guy. As said by one of our clients; “There is always tremendous support from Morten, who is responsible for the tech part – he is both very experienced and very solution-oriented.”

Claus Mortensen

Sales Director

Claus has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to creating the best digital solutions. He will make sure that all of your company’s needs are taken off – and that you’ll have a laugh while doing it. 

Stine Elizabeth Andersen

Marketing Manager

Stine is in charge of marketing and journalism within the company. We have a lot of success stories, so she is the one who calls you when it’s time to do a case study of the amazing results you have experienced.

Security summery

Your Data is Safe with Us

The Instore Excellence app is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It handles everything related to physical and network security plus monitoring and maintenance.

The Microsoft Azure cloud meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards as well as country-specific standards.

Visit Microsoft Azure Trust Center for more details.

Get Your FREE Trial

It’s so much easier than it sounds! The setup doesn’t require installation of any software – all you need is our app. Sören Hinz, Branch Sales Manager at Walbusch Filialen, says:

“The process is very easy and very fast! I just sent an email to Morten, and we arranged a meeting to discuss our case. After that, it just took one call to the IT department, and everything was up and running shortly after. The support is great, and the app is the best for our specific needs. It makes it possible for us to have everything we need – combined in one tool.”