Loss Prevention by GameStop Germany

Loss prevention in GameStop DACH

This case originates from an interview with Dennis Bockerman, Field Loss Prevention Officer in Germany. The opinions are Dennis’.

Importance of Loss Prevention for the Company

GameStop DACH must identify areas where losses occur. It’s also imperative to determine methods to prevent these losses. Dennis Bockermann, Field Loss Prevention Officer in Germany, clarifies: “…by emphasizing loss prevention, we can proactively mitigate many potential damages and pinpoint their causes.”

Utility of Instore Excellence App in Loss Prevention

The Instore Excellence app plays a pivotal role in GameStop DACH’s loss prevention strategy by:

• Reducing shrinkage.
• Preventing thefts by customers.
• Identifying deviations from service instructions.
• Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.
• Auditing cash balances and cash settlements.

Instore Excellence’s Role in Implementing Processes and Requirements

According to Dennis Bockermann, store visits become more efficient by installing the Instore Excellence app on a smartphone or tablet. During these visits, the store manager can complete surveys in real time. The automated email system then sends the final report to the store manager, allowing them to discuss and address issues with their direct supervisors. This process has allowed us to optimize several operational aspects, ultimately saving time.

Flexibility and Speed in Launching New Surveys

Surveys can be tailored swiftly to meet specific needs. Additionally, there is an option to have a custom survey designed where developers incorporate any specific request or idea into the survey, making it versatile and user-centric.

Reception of Loss Prevention Reports by Store Managers and Their Perception of the System

Store managers receive the loss prevention surveys via email. They can review the report and act on any identified shortcomings. The integrated rating system within the survey provides store managers and their superiors with transparent and fair results. This approach motivates managers to strive for better outcomes in subsequent visits.

Outcomes Derived from Implementing the Instore Excellence System

By utilizing the Instore Excellence system, we have prevented several potential damages. Regular inquiries on specific topics have led to a reduction in theft incidents. Moreover, it has been instrumental in curbing misconduct and other similar discrepancies.


Dennis highly recommends Instore Excellence to any business. The program streamlines various operational tasks, allowing the valuable time saved to be redirected to other essential functions.

About GameStop

GameStop DACH is a games retail company in Germany with a dominant market share.

“By utilizing the Instore Excellence system, we have prevented several potential damages. Regular inquiries on specific topics have led to a reduction in theft incidents”.

Dennis Bockermann

Field Loss Prevention Officer Germany

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