We would describe our team as visionary tech geeks. However, we have a very practical-oriented approach to digital solutions and a strong focus on optimization. In other words, we enjoy optimizing daily tasks and creating better work procedures through digital solutions to free up time.

The core team consist of Claus Mortensen, specializing in sales and Morten Munch-Andersen, head of system development. We also collaborate with external app developers.

We are driven by making things easier

The result of our work provides our clients with a greater overview and optimized workflow. When they use the system efficiently, they will have a bundle of structured data from which they can make informed decisions and react. It allows them to identify certain areas in need of optimization with a complete oversight of needs and shortcomings. In turn, this creates a solid foundation from which to make informed business strategies.

We provide the ability to have a unique vision for one store and create multiple copies of that store in a chain or franchise. In this way, customers will have the same experience in every store, regardless of location. This can only happen if your chain of communication is ideal and if you’re able to check up on tasks, standards and workflow. And that is what our system does.

How it all started

Initially we were partners operating the Danish merchandise company National Service Agency (www.nsa.nu), established in 2008. From the beginning we developed an online platform called “Instore Champ, allowing merchandisers to report store visits, thus creating a digital receipt to our customers. The compliance between what was ordered by the customer, and what was delivered has always been very important to us, but virtually impossible to enforce without systems.

One of the things we noticed, through our interface with Retail Field Teams in general, was that when an Area Manager audits a store, reports were handed over in paper form. Paper reporting has the obvious drawbacks of not being easy to accumulate, analyse on, contain images, distribute etc.

Instead of a paper trail we got the idea of developing a system/app aimed at retail chains, a “sister” to Instore Champ. A system for the people in the field to take pictures and handover data to the main office. Giving a much better communication flow, eliminating paper and minimizing phone calls, e-mails and the like. We also thought that the same system could be used to administrate drive schedules and task management.


In 2013 we met GameStop who liked the idea of going from paper to digital. This became the beginning of Instore Excellence, focusing on easy store audits and task management.

Since then, the product has developed a lot, and most of our resources are allocated to constantly optimizing and tweaking our “machine”. What we had in the beginning was a “one trick pony” that allowed task management of a single store. Today we have a system for large chains, that not only optimizes the workflow, but optimizes the entire communication structure of the franchises.