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Evolve from paper to digital solutions

Assure the same experience for your guests or clients. How? By optimizing your workflow and evolve from communication through paper or general platforms to direct and digital communication of the influenced parts. Everything is easily accessed directly on the app. Which means saving time, resources and detours.

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How does Instore Excellence work?

We digitalize your work procedures and give you easy to manage to do lists, task flow, checklists, audit/compliance forms and a complete overview of the statistics.

Our application mirrors the structure of your company. From location, division or operations managers to top management. This allow a better communication flow in the company, and time saved, as procedures and compliance can be optimized through direct communication and visual responds.

Assign tasks directly to the location or division you wish to address and receive direct feedback through responses containing images, answers, observations and comments. An issue is managed by a location manager creating a ticket in the system and publish them directly to the assigned issue manager. Thus, eliminating communication bottlenecks through emails and phones, ensuring an optimized workflow.

Auditors, division managers have access to smart forms, report templates, scores audits and similar assigned to their specific role.

  • “Instore Excellence helps improve the Flying Tiger Copenhagen concept, increase store standards, and therefore generate additional sales”

    Lars Casper, Operations Manager, Flying Tiger Copenhagen

  • “At Fitnessworld we have seen great value in working with Instore Excellence and the team behind has provided a very professional and competent service. I highly recommend Instore Excellence.”

    Kim Trier Meyer, Retail Operations Director, Fitnessworld, Danmark

  • “Following a short test period, Instore Excellence is now a natural part of our retail operation. We use Instore Excellence for store audits and campaign follow-up.
    Instore Excellence is intuitive and easy to implement. We are gaining a lot of new knowledge about our operation and ”facts-to-react-on” using Instore Excellence.”

    Laurent Bouchard, Managing Director, Micromania, France

  • “Instore Excellence provides us with a new level of transparency and squeezes the famous last 10% out of our basic operation. The tool enables us to work more efficiently, since attention is drawn to problem areas almost automatically. Instore Excellence is truly the missing link within operating a Fitness Club chain.”

    Steen Albrechtslund, CEO, Fitness World

  • “At Micromania’s 430 French stores we sell entertainment products with extremely high ”release sensitivity”. To get maximum sales new products and supporting materials must be on shelf and up in store – on time for all campaigns. With Instore Excellence we are now able to follow campaign executions in every single store, compile campaign reports and evaluate past campaigns to improve the next.”

    Laurent Bouchard, Managing Director, Micromania, France

  • “With Instore Excellence I can audit my Clubs easily, structured and precise. The auto To Do function does a lot of the job for me, when it comes to delegating specific tasks to a Club Manager. We have also seen a positive impact on member satisfaction, since basic operation is clearly improved!”

    Asker Jensen, Regional Manager, Fitness World, Denmark


Instore Excellence is an effective tool when establishing and maintaining Health & Safety procedures in your organisation. Below a few examples:

  • Checklists - for implementations or frequent follow-up on new equipment, routines etc.
  • Internal Task Force audits - making sure your organisation is updated on knowledge, procedures, equipment and precautions. 
  • Guideline compliance checks - are we in sync with internal or Public Authorities guidelines?
  • Precise and "to-the-point" e-trainings - read more about e-training here

Easy integration

When applied, the structure is shaped and adapted in collaboration with the client, which makes it tailor made to your needs. 

The application fully integrates task management, audits, forms, checklists, news feed and creates tasks/to-do lists that can be delegated to specific roles.

Our app comes in 10 languages and adapts to iOS and Android and can be found in any App Store.

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Free trial

We trust in our product, which is why you get a free trial version adapted to your store.  If you like it, you buy it.