Store Audit

Instore Excellence enables Retailers, Restaurants and Health Club operators to easily setup checklists, as the basis of a systematic enforcement of standards. The checklists can contain questions, observations, picture upload, comment fields, To Do's (manual or automatic) and even have guidelines and/or reference manuals. A perfect tool to gain a higher compliance level.

Instore Excellence helps elevate your business and make it go from good to EXCELLENT!

Instore Excellence app

With Instore Excellence I can audit my Clubs easily, structured and precise. The auto To Do function does a lot of the job for me, when it comes to delegating specific tasks to a Club Manager. We have also seen a positive impact on member satisfaction, since basic operation is clearly improved!Asker Jensen, Regional Manager, Fitness World, Denmark

Task Management

Second part of the product is Task Management, which enable an intelligent flow of tasks throughout the entire corporation. This ensures that only relevant people are notified and can communicate directly through checklists, comments and pictures.

“Following a short test period, Instore Excellence in now a natural part of our retail operation. We use Instore Excellence for store audits and campaign follow-up. Instore Excellence is intuitive and easy to implement. We are gaining a lot of new knowledge about our operation and ”facts-to-react-on” using Instore Excellence.”Laurent Bouchard, Managing Director, Micromania, France


Make sure alle stores are ready for the season! All year round well planned campaigns suffer and sales potential is lost, due poor execution. This is bad news for the ROI! Contact us for more information on how to get crucial campaign data from your stores, the smartest way available!

Labtop with Instore Excellence software running

At Micromania’s 430 French stores we sell entertainment products with extremely high ”release sensitivity”. To get maximum sales new products and supporting materials must be on shelf and up in store – on time for all campaigns. With Instore Excellence we are now able to follow campaign executions in every single store, compile campaign reports and evaluate past campaigns to improve the next.Laurent Bouchard, Managing Director, Micromania, France


Whether you are online or offline use an iOS, Android or really any device with a "major" and "modern" browser you will be good-to-go. For all devices with a browser, we offer a comprehensive web app designed to fully adapt to your screensize. For iOS and Android devices we offer native app as well, that even works when offline.

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Security Summary

Microsoft hosts Instore Excellence on their Azure cloud platform handling everything related to both physical and network security, monitoring and maintenance. The Microsoft Azure cloud meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards as well as country-specific standards. Please visit Microsoft Azure Trust Center for details here.

  • Strict password policy
  • Military encryption algorithms secure data
  • Frequent vulnerability tests performed by third party protects against various threats
  • Extensive back-up, recovery and disaster recovery plan